We’ve been in the business of waterproofing, building restoration, and related services for over two decades. Whether we are working on a skyscraper or a single story building, our intent is to provide the highest quality work at a competitive price. We stand behind every job that we do. It is perfectly obvious to all concerned that many of the advanced conditions of a building facade deterioration that are seen today, could have been avoided by early detection. Get a General inspection of your building at no cost.

You can benefit from our years of experience in the following services: Exterior Restoration, Preservation & Reconstruction Facade, ALL ROOFING SYSTEMS Stabilization Exterior Masonry & Waterproofing Pointing & Caulking Exterior Terra-cotta & Ornamental Restoration,GREEN ROOFS Local Law Inspections & Work Preventive Maintenance Programs and All Types of Rigging and Scaffolding.

GENERAL RESTORATION can help you select the best Green Roofing System for your facility. We will discuss your objectives and review the critical factors that will impact the long-term performance of your Green Roof, such as roof size/ shape/slope, load-bearing capacity of the roof deck, building location, roof orientation and accessibility, roof drainage, climate/zone and rainfall patterns, type of plantings desired, and more. The result will be a beautiful Green Roof that will provide years of enjoyment with minimal, regular maintenance.

There are a lot of design parameters that need to be addressed when developing a program for a greenroof facility. First and foremost you'll need to determine what the roof's primary use will be and what the structural limitations are for the building. You will also need to know what performance goals you are trying to achieve and what maintenance maybe associated with each system. In addition, it is important to have a good understanding of how the roof will be accessed and local building code requirements that may effect the design of the roof. The pitch and slope of the roof, as well as the type of plantings, and depth of soil will also determine what products and components will be selected for the project. Ultimately, your budget will drive the form and function of the project and it is important to get a preliminary cost estimate up front from a qualified contractor before too much money is invested in design fees.

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