A Garden Roof, one type of Green Roof System, consists of plants, trees and/or vegetation that are installed on a commercial roof for a natural landscape. When properly installed and maintained, Garden Roofs have been proven to extend the life of a roofing system.

General Roofing can help you select the best Green Roofing System for your facility. We will discuss your objectives and review the critical factors that will impact the long-term performance of your Green Roof, such as roof size/ shape/slope, load-bearing capacity of the roof deck, building location, roof orientation and accessibility, roof drainage, climate/zone and rainfall patterns, type of plantings desired, and more. The result will be a beautiful Green Roof that will provide years of enjoyment with minimal, regular maintenance.

Three Types of Garden Roofs
There are three primary types of Green Roof Systems available. General Roofing skilled technicians can install, and maintain, the design that best meets the specifications of your facility:

In-situ Green Roof installationsAll components of the garden roof are assembled layer by layer, directly on top of the roofing system, for a natural look, and can be "intensive" or "extensive" as follows: Traditional roof gardens, which require a reasonable depth of soil to grow large plants or conventional lawns, are considered "intensive" because they are labor-intensive, requiring irrigation, feeding and other maintenance. "Extensive" green roofs, by contrast, are designed to be virtually self-sustaining and should require only a minimum of maintenance

Modular Green Roof Systems Consist of preplanted modular trays, or containers, that are positioned on top of the roof.

Pre-Cultivated Vegetation Blankets Rolled on top of the existing roofing system.

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